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"Cousin" Brian Goodman

"Cousin" Brian Goodman

Stan mentioned a “Where are they now” section so I thought I would write this!

I left Rochester in 1994 and moved to Albany, NY

I got a job selling drums at the big music store here Drome Sound. Within 2 weeks of moving here I was drumming in 1313 Mockingbird Lane Albany’s garage band! While in 1313 we released 2 45’s both of which I got to sing lead on the B-side! 1 45 even had a song I had written!!!

My son was born in 1996 and I did the stay at home dad thing!  Susan  from Susan & The Surftones had just moved to Albany & was out the last 1313 show. She approached me and asked if I wanted to join the band. We did a few CD’s for the German Gee Dee label & a 45 for a Belgian label. We also did 3 tours of Europe while I was in the band.

The 1st was in 1997. It was 8 shows in 10 days and was only Germany.

The next tour was 2000 and was a 1 month tour that took me to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the next tour in 2001 was also 1 month and was some of the same but also adding Denmark.

(Thank god I had an understanding wife!!!)

After those tours I try to make it to Germany at least once every 3 years. This year I went & also visited Prague, CZ.

Now I run the mail order dept. at the local record store Last Vestige ( ).

Most of my time is spent selling records to the Russian!!!

I started Thee UMMmm… a 60’s garage band & also Das Schmucks a 3 pc Turbonegro cover band.

I also play drums and sing with The Knyghts Of Fuzz, & Big Kombo and I do a Russian WW2 re-enacting thing &

Looking forward to A Projectiles reunion! The Last attempt was on a day when Rochester decided to have a MAJOR snow storm!!!


Cousin Brian Goodman

Weekends by Scorgies

Weekends by Scorgies

I see that on some of the posters (even a few I made) But I can’t remember why it was Weekends By Scorgies!

Anyone remember?

"Cousin" Al Voldman

"Cousin" Al Voldman

The story starts on #10 Werner Park where Cousin Al was born in 1961 & Cousin Brian (who lived upstairs) was born in 1962.

Jump ahead to 1979 when Cousin Al introduces me to Scorgies! I already had my Brighton High School band “The Sonic Reducers” (at that point we had no idea who the Dead Boys were!, the name came from the Seattle Super Sonics basketball team!). The Sonic Reducers then turned into The Twisted Hearts With ex-Presstone Jimmy Freeze and then broke up.

"Cousin" Brian Goodman

"Cousin" Brian Goodman

I was jamming with Geoff & Bob Camel in the basement of a church on Main St circa 1981. At some point Al & I are down at the Charlotte beach and he sez I want to start a band and do surf music (and some garage songs).

Growing up Al would play me all kinds of music. He turned me on to Deep Purple Machine Head, Frank Zappa Overnight Sensation & Alice Cooper (one of Al’s favorites!!!). I remember one day visiting Al and he had played me a 8 track tape of a WCMF New Wave show that he had taped!

I remember hearing the Sex Pistols. Al got into the New Wave thing and would proceed to turn me onto Plastic Bertrand, B-52s and others! I was already a Ramones and a Jam fan. I agree to do the surf band with Al.

Al got the name Cousin Al because I would introduce him to my friends as Cousin Al.  So we now have a concept and need to get guys to play.

The first line up wound be Al on vocals, Brian drums and backing vocals,  Steve Litvak guitar and Denis Jones Bass. This line up practiced in my Brighton basement for awhile. Al and I were chompin’ at the bit to play Scorgies or to play out in general! Only problem was Denis wasn’t into playing out and Steve wasn’t into the music. He was more a NY Dolls guy and also he dug the blues.

We find Cousin Chaz and Cousin Pete from ads that were posted at the Record Archive. Chaz had written a song called Surfin’ On The Barge Canal that he had played in a Pittsford High School talent contest. We go on to Play Scorgies, Schatzies, Ruth & Irvs Astrological Fish and Steak and a gig with The CADS at the Harley School!!!

We even made a Suoer 8 film with R.I.T. film student George Elieuw;  it was a Monkees meet Hard Days Night type of film! That was wild! The debut was as Schatzees,

We at some point hooked up with Stan The Man who then became Stan The MANager!cousinal600.jpg

Stan sez “Brian that was your idea after a “happy puff” I think you liked the idea of “Stan the MANager” and you and Al came to the back room of the Archive and asked me” (back then, we would go out and “Check the tires, ” and that was always a “happy smoke” break!!!).

Stan got us on The Brian Bram TV show and did a lot more for the band like help with song ideas and booking gigs.

After I left to join the Insiders (circa 1983) the band went on to record a 45 and go through member changes )it was at The Cousin Al gig at Ruth & Irv’s gig were the Insiders approached me to join!).

The rest is history… (very fuzzy history!).

Cousin Brian Goodman

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I played a gig in Albany, NY last night and ran into Kevin Maul(?). Some may remember Kevin as the WCMF DJ that went on before Uncle Roger or you maybe remember him as the steel guitar player guy.

I mentioned the Scorgies reunion to him knowing he also was once a Rochester guy!

He said that he was in the 1st “band” to play Scorgies! He said the Dady Brothers were the 1st band to play there!

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Bob Janneck and Brian Goodman

Bob Janneck and Brian Goodman

My friend Eileen kept telling me about the Insiders. She said you’ll love these guys!

So I head over to Moose Lips on Clinton & Ridge. During the break between sets Bob & Jim come over and start talking to me. I tell them they should check out my band Cousin & And The Relatives we have a gig at Ruth & Irv’s Astralogical Fish & Steaks!

While we’re on stage I see ALL of the Insiders come in. They have a few drinks and start dancing around.

We finish our set and Jim comes over and sez do you want to join the Insiders. So now i’m going from playing once every 6 months to playing up to 4 times a week! I said yes! I was more about the 60’s garage and Brit invasion than I was the surf music.  They said great be at Dynamic recording studios on Sunday and know these 5 British Invasion songs, All of which I already knew!

We recorded the tracks and I was on my way! We played all the time and anywhere!

I remember gigs at the Warehouse, Scorgies, Teasers, Calif. Brew House, RIT, and a bunch of places that I can’t remember the names of!!!  We opened for The Divinyls at The Red Creek! That was really odd! We happened to play 2 Aussie garage covers and the drummer was hip to what we were up to! We played on TV twice!

Once was the Morning Break Show live from Marketplace Mall! Once was on the Brian Bramm late night show

We drew good crowds, We got paid well! It’s really odd to go from the $10 each guy gigs to the $50 to $100 a guy gigs!

There’s one crazy story. We had a gig in Fancher NY. The guy who booked the show already owed the band money from a show before. We loaded up the van and head to Fancher. When we get there ex-Insider drummer Dave Disperdio band was playing ( Witch King ?).  Something goes down and we end up taking all the money they had collected at the door and left! It was only $50.00 We each got $10 & we never played!

We kinda killed the band and broke up. I found The Projectiles Ad at The Record Archives and auditioned and was in! But that’s another story for another day!!!

(Cousin ) Brian Goodman

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As mention else were on this site. I had a high school band called The Sonic Reducers. We parted ways with our singer and somehow we found ex-Presstones singer Jimmy Freeze! Jimmy re-named the band The Twisted Hearts and we practiced in the basement of my parents home in Brighton.  Jimmy shows up and sez we have a gig at Scorgies!!! It was opening for STIFF recording artists WIld Willy Barrett & John Otway.

We played the gig. As I remember there wasn’t a lot of people there but I really didn’t care. I was finally on the stage where I would see New Math, The Hi-techs, The Bowery Boys, Delroy Rebop and many more!!!

Please post your first Scorgies gig!!!

Brian Goodman

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Did the CADS every play Scorgies? I think I remember seeing them there.


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