Back in 2008, Tom Kohn from the Bop Shop organized the Scorgies Reunion for Friday, November 21st at the German House, 315 Gregory Street.

The idea for this project came about in late 2007/early 2008 from several reminiscences with Danny Deutsch, Stan Merrell, and Don about Scorgies and Rochester’s thriving music scene of the time. It all started with a Jukebox and the rest was history. The Reunion celebrated those days and sought recapture some of the great music that was so integral to the Rochester scene.

The stories that you shared here helped to make some of the most interesting aspects of the Reunion.
Please take the time to read the blog and feel free to contribute your memories. And stop back often; people are adding stories nearly every day.

The Official Scorgies Reunion lineup included: Personal Effects, New Math, and The Press Tones as well as members of the Cliches and the Targets.

Notes from the event

 Doors will open at 7pm and the show will be 8-11pm. Get there early; it's a great chance to catch up with old friends, many of whom are coming in from out of town. If you eat downstairs at The Keg, we recommend getting there quite early; in fact, it's best to call for reservations. The bar will be open both upstairs and downstairs and we've assembled some things to see - reminders of the old scene we know you will enjoy. 

Tickets are $20 in advance and $22 at the door.  They are now on sale at The Bop Shop, 274 N. Goodman St.,  Abilene Bar and Lounge, 153 Liberty Pole Way, and The Keg, downstairs from The German House, 315 Gregory St.

For additional information about the Scorgies Reunion of 2008, Contact Tom Kohn
The Bop Shop is located @ 1460 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618

  1. Rich’s avatar

    Good lineup for the reunion but make it GREAT and put The Cliches featuring J Laben and G Proud at the top of the marquee! Lets face facts. They were the most popular band playing at Scorgies back then and the members are still in Rolling Stones-type shape and ready to go! What gives?? Just for their omission, I’m boycotting. Harrrrummmphhh!


  2. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    Where’s the poster for the Reunion?


  3. Jlaben’s avatar

    Obviously, “Rich” is on some really good drugs.

    I’m not saying that his comment is inaccurate in any way: Au contraire.

    I’m just saying he must be high.
    And wise.


  4. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    If Jeff does show, we’ll bring him up for a few songs. We have a wheelchair ready, so it could be like Stephen Hawkins singing “Riverview,” although I don’t think the astrophysicist ever wore spandex.


  5. Jlaben’s avatar

    The wheelchair sounds good. Maybe you could have it waiting for me at the airport. We’ll be in on the 20th.

    Now if you could just do something about the alzheimers…I have trouble remembering lyrics these days.

    PS. Who are you, again?


  6. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    you’re cooking what for dinner now?


  7. Stan the Man’s avatar


    I think Jim Havalack has a wheelchair lift that he could install in one of his vans. If you add a wine tour through the scenic Finger Lakes (tip of the hat to Quality Transportation!) to your Scorgies Reunion experience you won’t need to remember lyrics!


  8. Jlaben’s avatar

    Stan; What, do you WORK for Havalack or are you just his PR agent?

    He should be paying you for the “press releases” that you’re doing for him.


  9. Dave Nevin’s avatar

    I’m so glad I listened to “Whole Lotta Shakin'” on WITR today, because that’s how I found out about this reunion.

    I’ll be there!


  10. Vicky Lee Crosta’s avatar

    Does anyone out there remember PASSENGER?


  11. TBackus’s avatar

    I remember PASSENGER (John Kralles band) – Does anyone remember THE DESERTERS? or THE DRONGOS?


  12. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    I remember hanging out with the Drongos at Ashley Blacks house!!!


  13. Stan the Man’s avatar

    The Deserters became Miche and the Anglos; Gary Holt joined the Colorblind James Experience and runs a recording studio in Mt. Morris (and has been at Buzzo’s since??)


  14. joe hendrick’s avatar

    I remember passenger and Vicky. What band were you in Vicky?


  15. joe hendrick’s avatar

    I remember Vicki (Scorgies bartender) being in that band with Mike Gladstone
    the Uncle Plum and Atomic Swindlers guitarist.


  16. Vicky Lee Crosta’s avatar

    Mike Gladstone ‘uncle Plum’ Jon Gary ‘woddy dodge’ and I put together ONE TRACK MIND after I left PASSENGER. PASSENGER played Scorgies all the time. We even played at Scorge and Eileens wedding.
    I was into Miche and the Anglos and I definitely remember the Deserters and the Drongos. AHHHHH the good ole day’s.


  17. joe hendrick’s avatar

    Sorry Vicky, I wasn’t sure you were in Passenger. Minds going. Yeah, I have since met Jon Gary the bass player.I don’t remember the Deserters or The Drongos but I liked Miche and the Anglos. He is still doing acoustic stuff and was on a WRUR interview recently.


  18. DJ Thurmie Thurm’s avatar

    I was the original bass player in Passenger, but those Bastards sacked me cause I used to get all the Hot Girls.
    Only Pete Best and I know how that feels.


  19. Kevin DeHond’s avatar

    Thermie Thurm? LOL
    Passenger I: Jim Tota (drums) Vinny Sita (bass) Kevin DeHond (vocals/rythmn) John Kralles (lead)
    Passenger II: add Don “Doc” “Raydar” Howcroft (drums)
    Vicky Lee Crosta (vocals) Frank Antonetti (percussion) and “Doug” on Hammond organ for a brief stint.
    The original bass player for Passenger was Vinny Sita and he was
    never sacked. He was the greatest thing since sliced bread on the bass!
    Damien Gruber replaced him and yes he was good on the bass and
    had a rather nice steady girlfriend. He was not sacked either.
    If I remember correctly? But the girls found him “easy on the eyes”. LOL
    The last bass player for Passenger was Lee Brovitz who started out
    with Cyndie Lauper in Blue Angel back in the day. He was not sacked either.
    The band just merged with Holy Smoke and became Resurrection.
    Michael “Chico” Tomaselli (bass) Richard Iman (vocals/lead)
    Robby Silvast (keyboards) from Holy Smoke. Mark Snavely (vocal/lead) later replaced Richard and Rob moved to California.
    Don Howcroft (drums) Kevin DeHond (rythmn/vocals) John Kralles (lead)
    from Passenger.
    Tony Rivera (vocals/percussion) John Pascarella replaced Doc on drums.

    Both Passenger and Resurrection played Scorgie’s on a regular basis.
    Even though we, admittedly, didn’t quite “fit the mold” of the “wave” and
    straight ahead rock format for which Scorgie’s became famous, we usually packed the place.
    And, if I am not mistaken, I believe that Resurrection was the band that
    played Scorgie’s last live music night. Feel free to correct me on that one.
    And, yes, Passenger did play Scorgie and Eileen’s wedding.
    Apologies to Don for not becoming more involved in providing memorabilia
    photo’s and copy for the site. Those days of working the bar and
    playing at Scorgie’s hold many wonderful memories for me personally.
    However, sometimes going back into one’s “life in a box” to retrieve the
    pieces, reminds me how those memories and a dollar will only get me
    a bus ride now? Some things are too beautiful to relive.
    Sincere thanks to the two or three of you who remembered
    us and spoke up loud enough to give us a mention on the site.
    I was more than a little hurt to discover that these bands I sang in
    were not considered to be quite as important in the historical memories
    of Scorgie’s patrons as I had imagined they were in my delusions of grandeur. I had at least thought that people would remember
    “The Rap Song” in which Passneger would poke fun at every style of band that ever played Scorgie’s including ourselves.
    By the way, I truly believe that Scorgie’s holds the world record for Quervo Tequilla consumption in a single venue?


  20. Stan the Man’s avatar

    Kevin, the history we are writing here is one written by folks like you. I’ve been writing what I know and what people have sent me. What you’ve written is great! We need to see more of it. If you need any help getting posters and pics up, let me know. I’m sending you my contact info. Thanks for checking in! It sure beats shoveling!


  21. Vicky Lee Crosta’s avatar

    Thanks Kev for clearing that up! The rap song was always one of my favorites especially the verse you would throw in when we played Scorgies. Remember?
    ps Stan, I have a ton of stuff also.


  22. virgil currence’s avatar

    from virgil, r i p gorden, never forget the past as it defines the future!


  23. Daniel j, Sullivan’s avatar

    I used to go to watch bands at Scorgies but they are closed now

    I’d like to hear some music from that period in time.


  24. Daniel j, Sullivan’s avatar

    I loved the Scorgies reunion and I was there with some of my friends and I lived at 280 Steko Avenue and then I Moved to 1098 Lake Avenue where I had fun living there in the basement of my apartment and I had sex with multiple friends who used to have sex with me and it was great



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