Where are they now?

"Cousin" Brian Goodman

"Cousin" Brian Goodman

Stan mentioned a “Where are they now” section so I thought I would write this!

I left Rochester in 1994 and moved to Albany, NY

I got a job selling drums at the big music store here Drome Sound. Within 2 weeks of moving here I was drumming in 1313 Mockingbird Lane Albany’s garage band! While in 1313 we released 2 45’s both of which I got to sing lead on the B-side! 1 45 even had a song I had written!!!

My son was born in 1996 and I did the stay at home dad thing!¬† Susan¬† from Susan & The Surftones had just moved to Albany & was out the last 1313 show. She approached me and asked if I wanted to join the band. We did a few CD’s for the German Gee Dee label & a 45 for a Belgian label. We also did 3 tours of Europe while I was in the band.

The 1st was in 1997. It was 8 shows in 10 days and was only Germany.

The next tour was 2000 and was a 1 month tour that took me to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the next tour in 2001 was also 1 month and was some of the same but also adding Denmark.

(Thank god I had an understanding wife!!!)

After those tours I try to make it to Germany at least once every 3 years. This year I went & also visited Prague, CZ.

Now I run the mail order dept. at the local record store Last Vestige ( www.lastvestige.com ).

Most of my time is spent selling records to the Russian!!!

I started Thee UMMmm… a 60’s garage band & also Das Schmucks a 3 pc Turbonegro cover band.

I also play drums and sing with The Knyghts Of Fuzz, & Big Kombo and I do a Russian WW2 re-enacting thing www.3rdriflediv.org & http://www.myspace.com/3rdriflebrigade

Looking forward to A Projectiles reunion! The Last attempt was on a day when Rochester decided to have a MAJOR snow storm!!!


Cousin Brian Goodman

  1. Jason L. Brown’s avatar

    What I want to know is, whatever happened to M. Rubert?


  2. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    I thought it was Rupert?


  3. Jill LaPergola’s avatar

    Does anyone know what became of BB’s girl? Cute girl from the West side but mean as hell.
    Unfortunately, one evening while at the bar, BB’s girl ( think her name was Erin) and my brother’s girlfriend (Tammy) got into a thing and HOLY SHIT!

    Someone said that the cops were on their way and I remember running for the door because I was using my older sister’s ID and didn’t want to get caught.

    I left Tammy to face the wrath of Erin all by herself. The good news is, after a few months Tammy’s hair grew back.


  4. Jason L. Brown’s avatar

    It’s “Rupert” if it’s also P. Pigasso or H. Madisse. Philistine.


  5. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    Hey, my memory is not rock solid. I forgot to put a fishnet over my amp for the gig in honor of M.


  6. Rich’s avatar

    Coming soon: The Where Are They Now Story of Rich H.
    Fantastic, Unbelievable but TRUE!! Stay Tuned.


  7. girlontheleft’s avatar

    Erin is a member of the Fabulous Fighting Byrne Sisters — see How Scorgies Ruined My Life. She’s a Carmelite nun now.


  8. Jlaben’s avatar

    I’d rather read the Rich H. story.


  9. Snewcomb’s avatar

    While awaiting Rich’s saga, let me spin an old yarn regarding the aforementioned Erin one late night (early morning) at Jim’s.

    In one of their more famous throw-downs, she hurled a full bottle of bud towards her infamous boyfriend – as around ten of us ducked and dodged to avoid the flying missile device.

    The bottle smashed against a wall and we all breathed a sigh of relief as we once again escaped her collateral wrath.

    I used to feel sorry for some of the woman that crossed her path, as they became roadkill fodder for the white leathered one.


  10. DJ Thurmie Thurm’s avatar

    Tell me again…who is Brian Goodman?


  11. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    He’s nobody!!!


  12. C Laben’s avatar

    Didn’t I see the Rich Hollands story as a made for TV movie on Lifetime?


  13. DJ Thurmy Thurm’s avatar

    Didn’t I see C Laben on the wall at the Post Office?


  14. N Swift’s avatar

    I believe “The Rich Hollands Story” was on A&E’s City Confidential.


  15. Jlaben’s avatar

    Didn’t I see DJ Thurmie Thurm waddling down a street in the East Village in NYC at 4am after a Social D show at Coney Island High, in just his underwear?

    Wait…this one is true.



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