My first Scorgies gig!!!

As mention else were on this site. I had a high school band called The Sonic Reducers. We parted ways with our singer and somehow we found ex-Presstones singer Jimmy Freeze! Jimmy re-named the band The Twisted Hearts and we practiced in the basement of my parents home in Brighton.  Jimmy shows up and sez we have a gig at Scorgies!!! It was opening for STIFF recording artists WIld Willy Barrett & John Otway.

We played the gig. As I remember there wasn’t a lot of people there but I really didn’t care. I was finally on the stage where I would see New Math, The Hi-techs, The Bowery Boys, Delroy Rebop and many more!!!

Please post your first Scorgies gig!!!

Brian Goodman

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  1. Martin Edic’s avatar

    My first gig was opening for New Math with the Hi-Techs. A highlight was Natasha sending me a dozen roses at the club with an apology for not being able to be there. I only knew her from the coffeeshop near Eastman where she worked but it was a great gesture that impressed the un-impressible bartenders at Scorgies.
    I talked to Geoff beforehand about stage fright. He told me it only lasted until you heard 1.2,3,4…I believed him and never had an issue with it. Good advice.

    I believe that between Hi-Techs and PE, Paul and Peggi and Bob and I may hold the record for most appearances there.



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