New Math and Personal Effects Scorgies Ad

The following is a list of the bands that played Scorgies between 1977-1987. We are still (!) updating this list. If you would like to help fill in the missing dates, send your info to Boris.

Thursday 4.10.80 Hi-Techs

Friday 4.25.80 New Math, Hi-Techs

Saturday 4.26.80 Hi-Techs, New Math

Friday 6.10.80 Hi-Techs, Press Tones

Thursday 7.3.80 Hi-Techs, Bowery Boys

Friday 7.11.80 X with Hit and Run

Sunday 7.20.80 The Cramps with New Math

Friday 9.19.80 New Math, Cliches, 1-4-5

Friday 10.10.80 Hi-Techs, Paper Faces

Thursday 10.30.80 MX-80 Sound, Hi-Techs

Saturday 12.13.80 Hi-Techs, Paper Faces

Friday 1.17.81 The Cliches, Second Division

Friday 1.24.81 Hi-Techs, Control

Thursday 2.5.81 Second Division

Friday 2.6.81 RBT

Saturday 2.7.81 RBT, Delroy Rebop

Friday 2.13.81 The Cliches, PF Flyers

Saturday 2.14.81 New Math, The Natives

Friday 2.20.81 Hi-Techs, Paper Faces

Friday 3.6.81 Hi-Techs

Saturday 3.7.81 Hi-Techs

Thursday 3.19.81 Hi-Techs

Friday 4.3.81 New Math, Cliches

Saturday 4.4.81 New Math, Cliches

Tuesday 4.7.81 Hi-Techs, Press Tones

Saturday 4.11.81 Hi-Techs, Second Division

Saturday 5.16.81 Hi-Techs, Vores, Bulletproof Claudia

Friday 5.29.81 Nikki & the Corvettes, Cliches

Saturday 5.30.81 Nikki & the Corvettes, Press Tones

Friday 6.5.81 The Cliches, Hi-Techs

Saturday 6.6.81 The Cliches, Chesterfield Kings

Friday 6.19.81 Hi-Techs, Der Fuhmens

Saturday 6.20.81 Hi-Techs Paper Faces

Saturday 6.27.81 B-Girls, The Cliches

Thursday 8.13.81 Personal Effects, Wallpaper, Triangle

Monday 8.24.81 The Go-Gos, The Cliches

Saturday 8.29.81 Personal Effects

Saturday 9.12.81 Personal Effects, Paper Faces

Friday 10.2.81 Personal Effects, The Media, Quadrant 7

Saturday 11.7.81 Tom Verlaine

Thursday 11.10.81 The Drongos, The Cliches

Friday 11.27.81 Personal Effects, Bulletproof Claudia

Saturday 11.28.81 Personal Effects, Wallpaper

Friday 12.19.81 Chesterfield Kings, Personal Effects

Saturday 1.23.82 Personal Effects

Saturday 2.27.82 Personal Effects

Saturday 3.13.82 Personal Effects, Paper Faces

Thursday 4.8.82 Personal Effects

Wednesday 4.28.82 Gun Club

Friday 5.14.82 Personal Effects

Saturday 6.12.82 The Cliches

Saturday 6.19.82 Personal Effects

Saturday 7.17.82 Personal Effects

Saturday 8.14.82 Personal Effects

Friday 9.10.82 Personal Effects, Delta Rays

Friday 10.22.82 Personal Effects

Saturday 11.13.82 Personal Effects, Paper Faces

Friday 11.19.82 Personal Effects, Barry Beam

Saturday 1.29.83 The Shock Band, Personal Effects

Saturday 2.26.83 Personal Effects, Fear of Strangers

Saturday March 26 Personal Effects with Special Guests

Friday 4.29.83 Personal Effects, Indirect Object

Wednesday 5.25.83 Mutabaruka, Personal Effects

Saturday 5.28.83 Personal Effects, Antoinettes

Friday 6.24.83 Personal Effects, Passion B

Friday 7.22.83 The Neats, Personal Effects

Friday 9.9.83 Personal Effects, Passion B

Saturday 10.1.83 Marianne Faithfull

Friday 10.14.83 Personal Effects, M-Squad

Friday 10.25.83 Personal Effects

Friday 11.25.83 Personal Effects

Saturday 12.17.83 Personal Effects

Saturday 1.7.84 Personal Effects, The Machine + Hummer

Saturday 1.14.84 Antoinettes, Passion B

Friday 2.10.84 Personal Effects, New Math

Saturday 2.11.84 New Math, Personal Effects

Friday 3.30.84 Personal Effects

Tuesday 4.3.84 Personal Effects with Metzger, Landers & Seaman

Saturday 5.12.84 Personal Effects

Saturday 5.26.84 Chesterfield Kings with The Reactions

Saturday 7.28.84 Master of Reality, Personal Effects

Friday 8.8.84 Gun Club

Friday 8.24.84 Personal Effects, RVR

Thursday 9.6.84-The Swing Set

Friday 9.7.84-Rubber Rodeo, Absolute Grey

Friday 9.14.84 The Replacements

Friday 9.21.84 Personal Effects, Invisible Party

Friday 9.28.84-The Chesterfield Kings, The Fadeaways

Thursday 10.11.84-The Swing Set

Friday 10.12.84 The Splat Cats, Absolute Grey

Saturday 10.13.84 Willie Alexander, Invisible Party

Saturday 10.18.84 Meat Puppets, The Projectiles

Saturday 10.20.84 Personal Effects, Virgin Headset

Saturday 10.27.84 The Hidden Charms, Virgin Headset

Wednesday 10.31.84 Swing Set

Friday 11.2.84 True West

Tuesday 11.6.84 John Cale, Personal Effects

Wednesday 11.7.84 Hoodoo Gurus, Hidden Charms

Saturday 11.10.84 New Math

Thursday 11.13.84 Blue Parade

Wednesday 11.14.84 The Long Ryders, The Rain Parade

Friday 11.16.84 The Lyres

Monday 11.19.84 Let’s Active

Wednesday 11.21.84 Personal Effects, La Muralla

Saturday 12.8.84 Personal Effects

Saturday 1.26.85 Personal Effects

Wednesday 2.27.85 Alex Chilton with Pet Casket

Friday 3.8.85 Personal Effects, Colorblind James Experience

Saturday 4.20.85 Personal Effects, Blue Hand

Thursday 5.9.85 The Ramones

Friday 5.17.08 The Ten Commandments (Personal Effects doing covers)

Saturday 6.15.85 Personal Effects, 5 Star Buffalo

Saturday 7.6.85 Personal Effects

Monday 8.12.85 The Replacements

Friday 8.16.85 Personal Effects

Saturday 8.31.85 Personal Effects, Colorblind James

Friday 9.27.85 Personal Effects

Friday 3.7.86 Sam Kinison (at Yuk Yuk’s – formerly Scorgies)

  1. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    My Ramones ticket sez May 9 1985!!!


  2. Stan The Man’s avatar

    I have a tape of a Bowery Boys gig from 5/31/1984. I will be posting some excerpts soon!


  3. Matthew Kaplan’s avatar

    I just sent over a listing of another eleven shows, including November 18, 1984-The Invisible Party (playing a complete Pebbles set because the Lyres, who were to headline, did not show up)


  4. Matthew Kaplan’s avatar

    September 6, 1984-The Swing Set
    September 7, 1984-Absolute Grey/Rubber Rodeo
    September 28, 1984-The Chesterfield Kings/The Fadeaways
    October 11, 1984-Absolute Grey/The Splat Cats (you have a show listed for the 12th, I might be wrong)
    November 3, 1984-True West/Invisible Party (you have a show listed for the 2nd)
    November 18, 1984-The Invisible Party (playing a complete Pebbles set because the Lyres, who were to headline, did not show up)
    February 2, 1985-The Lyres
    February 28, 1985-The Vipers
    March 2, 1985-The Chesterfield Kings
    April 27, 1985-The Vipers/The Mosquitos
    September 6, 1985-The Chesterfield Kings/Uncle Sam


  5. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    Hello Matthew!
    That was The Projectiles playing the 60’s garage set when the Lyres didn’t show up!

    We (The Projectiles) had just played our set, Mr. Scorgie had come up to us and said the Lyres hadn’t arrived yet and could we play a 2nd set!
    We knew a lot of songs so it wasn’t a problem.
    He had a 10 min. open bar between sets & we got up and did our thing!

    Drummer for the Projectiles


  6. Stan the Man’s avatar

    As much as I love True West and would have totally dug opening for them, it was Cousin Al and the Relatives that got that gig. I was there as manager at the time, and of course Chas and Jim were there as they were in the band. We formed Invisible Party shortly thereafter. Russ Tolman came to Rochester a couple of years later to produce the (unreleased) Lotus STP magnum opus, “Four on the Floor.” To hear some of the Lotus oeuvre visit


    1. Joe Massaro’s avatar

      got a new link?


    2. Ned’s avatar

      Trying to remember date — possibly memorial day weekend ’81 — two nights of Hi-Techs and Equators from Brooklyn. Very hot gig, packed room, great after party — one of my favorite shows, along with Paperfaces weekends.
      Earlier that year H-T opened a show with Mission to Burma (“Up the Academy”), can’t remember date. I remember the bass player from ‘burma’ eating this horribly greasy chicken before the set (carry out, not Scorgies food) and I thought, How’s he gonna play with his fingers like that?! Went right on …


    3. Peggi’s avatar

      Ned, that’s right! And H-T or PE opened for Wall of VooDoo (we called em Wall of DooDoo). Funny how these memories jostle the brain to uncover more stuff that’s been tucked away for 25 years or so.


    4. Brian Goodman’s avatar

      We (Cousin Al & The Relatives) also opened for Wall Of VooDoo at the (Mens?) Dining Center at the UofR. They were not the most friendly guys!


    5. Scott Coblio’s avatar

      Koo-Koo Boy didn’t come into being until 1991, so we weren’t part of Scorgies’ first wave, we were part of the second, and I can honestly say it was my all-time favorite place to play. Don was such a character, I still hear his voice ringing in my head yelling for us all to go home at 2am (who would have thought I would ever miss hearing the words “Get the FUCK out!”) The stage was good, the atmosphere dark, glowy and clandestine, fun bartenders and they always had the best soundmen (FUZZY!) who would happily make you a mix tape off the board of your show. I still have some of the ones I got there. A typical bill would be us and Dogs Life, or La La Land, Catfight, The Salamanders, etc. I always remember Scorgie’s with a sigh. What a fun, perfect environment. So glad I was part of it, and so glad to hear about the reunion. Yay Scorgie!


    6. Pat Thomas of Absolute Grey’s avatar

      Back in the old folky days
      The air was magic when we played.
      The riverboat was rockin’ in the rain
      Midnight was the time for the raid.

      I guess I’ll call it sickness gone
      It’s hard to say the meaning of this song.
      An ambulance can only go so fast
      It’s easy to get buried in the past
      When you try to make a good thing last.


    7. HT from RocCity’s avatar

      I could swear (and sweat) that I saw the Itals (sp) on a couple of occassions – packed to the gills. Anyone else remember reggae bands? Names and event dates are just a distant memory.


    8. Stan the Man’s avatar

      Up to this point we’ve been working with dates provided to us by bands who played at Scorgies. As other dates filter in, we add them. An imperfect way, perhaps, but there is no central source for this info.


    9. Bill G.’s avatar

      Does anyone recall the Suicidal Tendencies show from around ’84 or did I only imagine the experience? Did the Catatonics from Syracuse open that night?


      1. Rob’s avatar

        I was at that ST show – I believe ’84 soon after first album came out – was just looking for any online date for it and came across this page. I remember being on front page of arts section of the newspaper (D&C?) a few days later slam dancing at the show with “Wanna Dance?” written in dripping blood font. Would love to find that pic! We got there during ST set so no idea of opener…


      2. Mark’s avatar

        I’ve got some posters from shows I saw. I’ve got the Comateens w/ the Works on June 18th…just don’t know what year. The Presstones from December 26th, 1981. 999 w/ the Bowery Boys June 23rd – I’m guessing it was 1981 because they played stuff off “Concrete” which was released in ’81.


      3. Jerry Flanagan’s avatar

        October 4,1984 – The Projectiles w/Rick Baker and The Commercials


      4. Jerry Flanagan’s avatar

        The previous post I got from one of our posters. The following are from old Freetimes. I’m showing a two-night stint with The Bangles and The Swingset

        September 29, 1984 – Comateens
        October 3, 1984 – Swingset
        October 4, 1984 – The Projectiles w/Rick Baker and The Commercials
        October 5, 1984 – Frozen Concentrate
        October 6, 1984 – Jah Mel (Reggae)
        October 9, 1984 – The Bangles w/Swingset
        October 10, 1984 – The Bangles w/Swingset
        October 11, 1984 – Blue Parade (you show Swingset above)
        November 16, 1984 – The Lyres (never showed up!) w/The Projectiles
        May 24, 1984 – The Resistors
        May 25, 1984 – Absolute Grey w/Special Guest
        May 26, 1984 – Chesterfield Kings
        May 27, 1984 – Personal Effects
        May 31, 1984 – The Attics
        June 1, 1984 – Patty Donahue and The Waitresses
        June 2, 1984 – Confrontation (Reggae)


      5. Jerry Flanagan’s avatar

        June 30, 1983 – New Math w/The Projectiles

        For thiis show The Projectiles trashed the stage at the end of the show and the crowd went crazy! I remember Sonny jumping up on stage and picking up Brian Goodman and using him like a drum stick to smash stuff up with the rest of us! When Kevin Patrick came out he just looked around and said “I think we’ve been upstaged!” 🙂

        I’ve got more history laying around. I’ll scrounge it up and post it….


      6. Stan the Man’s avatar

        The Freetime ad is inaccurate with regards to the Bangles/Swing set gig. I have the original poster (made it meself) and the show was on Tuesday, Oct. 9th.

        Trust me, If they played two night in a row I’d remember it! Hung out with Michelle Steele in the dressing room while she knitted before the show.


      7. Steve Winter’s avatar

        I saw 10,000 Maniacs twice @ Scorgies , circa 1983 & 1984. I distinctly remember Nathalie Merchant twirling in circles madly around the stage as she sang. Amazing voice!


      8. Jerry Flanagan’s avatar

        I talked to Dan last night and we came to the conclusion that the New Math/Projectiles gig was June 30, 1984 – not ’83…. sorry for the confusion there 🙂


      9. Brian Goodman’s avatar

        LOL, Jerry,
        I remember Kevin said we were “unpretentious” because we had to look up the word!



      10. joe hendrick’s avatar

        Wow The Long Ryders!! They were a great band. I don’t seem to remember if I saw them at Scorgies but I played the hell out of one of their albums. (Lewis and Clark on it). I remember seeing 10,000 Maniacs at Richmonds (Schatzees)
        on a Sunday night.


      11. joe hendrick’s avatar

        I found a ticket and a poster for Jason and the Scorchers Thursday September 30th at Scorgies. It was either 93 or 94


      12. LES’s avatar

        I remember Schatzee’s. Anyone have a list of bands playing there too?


      13. OX’s avatar

        Coblio(Koo-Koo) had one thing wrong, altho easy to confuse the two. TOMMY was the soundguy, and if you made nice with him, he’d make you a nice copy cuz he had a dual deck plugged right in to the system. But Tommy wasn’t the warmest fellow. FUZZY was my buddy from my hometown who I imported and let do the door b/c who else can you trust with the $$, than someone you grew up with?! And the door was right NEXT to Tommy’s sound setup—and Fuzz and Tommy were close, and Fuzz was a huuuuge audiophile. So i can see the sonfusion…and for Joe Hendrick, and anyone that cares–that Scorchers show was 93.


      14. fuzz bomb’s avatar

        god…i remember some real cool shows.local act’s MK ultra…koo koo boy…dog’s life…shop class squares…record time allstars/do the knucklebuster…the art punk stylings of THE ULTIMATE HORROR OF KAREN BLACK…KING MISSLE…both outta N.Y.C.and who could forget,THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT.some truly great shows downstairs.TOM went on to do sound for a lot a stuff in the city of Roch.downtown festival stuff.i used to run into him,on occasion.i may still have some of the old shows on cassette.i’ll look soon.the last couple of years before closing still brings back some good memories of friends made.some great local music.LATE NIGHT FOOSBALL after hours.anyone else remember?


      15. Dave Martin’s avatar

        I just discovered this site. What a blast from the past, guys!
        I have many photos, ads and posters from those days, and
        will try to get them scanned and emailed over. I haven’t
        spoken to anyone from Rochester in many years, and look
        forward to reconnecting with you…

        Warmest regards,

        Dave Martin
        The Swing Set


      16. Spyder’s avatar

        Thanks for all these memories. I was a regular at Scorgies from late 1984 through 1986 and saw many of the shows listed above.


      17. Jonathan Caws-Elwitt’s avatar

        The Degrads played at Scorgie’s five times:

        Wednesday 12.29.82, opening for the Delta Rays
        Saturday 7.16.83, opening for the Chesterfield Kings
        Friday 8.5.83, opening for the Resisters
        Friday 9.2.83, with the Antoinettes and Champions of Delight
        Wednesday 12.28.83, opening for the Resisters


        1. Stan’s avatar

          Need more Degrads stuff, Jon!


        2. Baron’s avatar

          Joe King Carrasco played there a couple of times at least…


          1. Stan’s avatar

            He did indeed!


          2. Frances Lawson’s avatar

            Reggae Bands: Israel Vibrations, Meditations, Big Youth w/The Archangels that I also remember



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