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Hey does anyone remember Del Roy Rebop? Or the all girl band the Antoinette’s? The Lead singer of the Antoinette’s- Meegan Voss has a band called the Verbs now. I believe they are based out of NYC.  I remember seeing both of those bands more than a few times at Scorgies. Also a Canadian band out of Hamilton- shoot I can’t remember their name- but they had a great song called “I’m Surfing On Heroin”. I think I actually have it on my IPod….Just can’t seem to remember their name right now…Must have been all the drugs…But I know I saw them at Scorgies as well! Great memories of those days at Scorgies. I only spent 3 years at Scorgies- early to mid 80’s, but it was every night for sure and I wonder how I did it…That time was probably the most significant time in my life that molded and shaped so much of how I look at the music world today…Great Memories! Thanks!

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