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Hey does anyone remember Del Roy Rebop? Or the all girl band the Antoinette’s? The Lead singer of the Antoinette’s- Meegan Voss has a band called the Verbs now. I believe they are based out of NYC.  I remember seeing both of those bands more than a few times at Scorgies. Also a Canadian band out of Hamilton- shoot I can’t remember their name- but they had a great song called “I’m Surfing On Heroin”. I think I actually have it on my IPod….Just can’t seem to remember their name right now…Must have been all the drugs…But I know I saw them at Scorgies as well! Great memories of those days at Scorgies. I only spent 3 years at Scorgies- early to mid 80’s, but it was every night for sure and I wonder how I did it…That time was probably the most significant time in my life that molded and shaped so much of how I look at the music world today…Great Memories! Thanks!

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  1. Jlaben’s avatar

    You’re thinking of The Forgotten Rebels, from Toronto. They played Scorgies a handful of times and more often, The Continental in Buffalo. ( I mentioned them in an earlier review). They were one of my favorite bands and sadly enough, I still listen to the Rebels today.

    I think that says more about the state of music today then my bad musical tastes.

    Mickey DeSadist is STILL making music.

    I got quite f*cked up with Mickey on a couple of occasions.




  2. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    When I was living in NYC in the late 90’s, I was in Manny’s looking at guitars. This middle aged guy came up to me, and said, “Simon?” I looked at him, balding, with no clue whatsoever who he was. That’s when he lit up – “You don’t recognize me, do you,” he says, and I’m waiting for the warrant or whatever. Turns out it was Del Pedro, of Delroy Rebob fame. He was bartending at the time somewhere, some hotspot down in Chelsea or where ever. I went down to see him once, had a few drinks and talked. Saw David Byrne, Steven & Liv Tyler, can’t remember if Bebe was there. He was stilll playing in a band with Peter, the guitar player from Delroy, and the missus and I went down to see them. It wasn’t the Continental, can’t recall the name at the moment. I think, in that great moment of weirdness, Fred their bass player was in the crowd. Del was still the same great guy, still that Jagger swagger onstage. Remarkably, Peter looked like he hadn’t aged a second. Lucky bastard.

    Del was a great guy, and there were some wild parties at their practice slash apartment on Monroe Ave over the dentist office. I think one time bikers crashed a party, but that’s another story.


  3. Jlaben’s avatar

    I’ll finish that story.

    Oh Yeah…the bikers crashed the Delroy party one night on Monroe Avenue.

    Unfortunately, I was on my way INTO the party in question, after closing and cleaning up Scorgies, while they were on their way OUT, after being asked to leave.

    They stomped the crap out of me. All I can remember is being kicked with steal-toed boots and hit a few times in the head with an ax handle that fortunately, was missing the ax part. The cops later found it in the dumpster behing McDonalds.

    We all ended up in court after that one…One of my 4 Scorgies-related court appearances.

    Ahhhh, the memories.


  4. Trubulmakur’s avatar

    Ahh yessss- that’s right, Mickey! and the Forgotten Rebels!!! I saw them alot at the Continental Club in Buffalo to. As a matter of fact I partied with him and “Richard the bar tender” from the Continental…LOL

    I am living in So Cal now and I ran into a guy here a year or so ago that remembered me from the Continental who also knows Richard. Small strange world.

    As a matter of fact one year I was living in Ft. lauderdale and ran into Scotty Presstone who was living and bar tending there at the time. We would play the Forgotten Rebels album over and over. Drove the other customers crazy… Hey anyone know what Scotty Presstone is doing these days?

    I also have some vague recall of that party and the court stuff that was all the gossip back then. I have been out of Rochester so long and my memory is really not what it used to be. I remember being at the Marianne Faithful show however I vaguely remember anything about the show. That really pisses me the hell off. Oh well…the price one pays for all the debauchery…LOL

    No one remembers the Antoinettes?


  5. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    The Delroy Rebop guys were great!
    My dad just told me a story about how Del would dress as a woman on Halloween!!! My dad knew most of the band and because of that he hooked me up with those guys for a gig at the U of R.
    I remember seeing them at Scorgies, U of R, The Mason Jar.
    They attracted chicks and when you 18 chicks are a good thing!
    I was even in the studio when they recorded their 45!
    I remember they asked my girlfriend Ashley if she wanted to sing back ups!
    They always treated me great and I always loved seeing the show and hanging out with them.

    As a side note:
    My grandmother knew Mr. Scorgie! She worked in her brothers (Cantors) fish market on Monroe ave. Mr. Scorgie was a customer so I always got the report when he came in!

    those were the days!
    Brian G.


  6. C Laben’s avatar

    You mean the Ashley that used to read books at the bar upstairs at Scorgies?


  7. Trubulmakur’s avatar

    I don’t recall Scotty reading books…LOLOL… but he did bar tend upstairs, so maybe we are talking about the same guy….he played drums for awhile for the Pesstones.


  8. Trubulmakur’s avatar

    LOLOL we had a way referring to the band members by their first names and their last names became the name of the band they were in….


  9. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    That would be the Ashley.
    There wasn’t much reading going on when we started hanging! She turned me on to rockabilly and some other great music!!!
    When I lost my job the 2 of us went to Scorgies every night! ( The day I lost my job I went right to Scorgies!).

    Yes Mr. Scorgie
    The way it was, was he was older then me and he was Mr. Scorgie.
    He also was a big guy (bigger than me) and when not show some respect.


  10. Trubulmakur’s avatar

    What do you mean “SHE”? Scotty was a guy about 6ft 3inches tall back when he played drums for the Presstones and tended bar at Scorgies!!!!


  11. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    If you’re talking about Scott Weichman, he played drums for the Bowery Boys and sang for the Press Tones, and of course, was a bartender at Scorgies. I can’t medically confirm whether or not he’s a “she,” but I’d put money on him being a guy.


  12. Jlaben’s avatar

    C Laben was talking about Ashley…not Scotty. I think he just posted his comment in the wrong post.

    I’m fairly certain that he knows who Scott was. I’m basing that on the 43 pictures I have of them together at various functions, shows, weddings, etc.


  13. Jlaben’s avatar

    Actually, he was responding to Goodman.


  14. Trubulmakur’s avatar

    Thanks for straightening me out…LOL I was a little concerned about that for a minute…Oh Yes!! he was the drummer with Bowery Boys, now I remember…does anyone know what he’s up to these days?


  15. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    Yes Scott was the tall guy!
    Ashley was the petite young lady!


  16. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    Scott’s down in Northern Viginia driving trucks.


  17. Trubulmakur’s avatar

    Wow!! it is so bizarre to think about what people are doing now-a days from back then; pretending to be all grown up and everything…Hmmmm interesting. Do you ever have contact with Scotty? If you do tell him that Mary-Jo sends best wishes and he can email me at



  18. Jlaben’s avatar

    Scotty even learned how to use email recently…He really IS an adult now!


  19. Trubulmakur’s avatar

    LOL my kids call me techno dunce…so good for him!


  20. Martin Edic’s avatar

    I remember the Antoinettes because I had a secret crush on one of them who briefly worked at Record Theater when I was there. Can’t remember her name tho.
    Scott was here in Rochester this summer at Abilene singing in the Presstones reunion which, though old and slow (not really, they sounded great), was still worth dancing to all night.


  21. Stefanie Pharmakis’s avatar

    I can’t believe this website exists! I cannot attend the reunion tonight as I am ill. Please have another one in a year or less. Jacquie P., Nancy L., Laura L, Kindra K., Polly S., and I will all attend then. This came up too quick and with not enough publicity. We didn’t even know this existed until Wednesday.
    Everybody have fun and bring the roof down!!!! God bless!!



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