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The Degrads I Saw Bobby (Sobbing in the Lobby)`

The Degrads I Saw Bobby (Sobbing in the Lobby)`

You may remember us as the early ’80s punk-poppers fronted by a pseudo-Johnny Rottenish twerp in amateurishly-home-decorated pop art clothing (er, sorry, that was me).

Our self-released single, “I Saw Bobbie Sobbing in the Lobby,” got a nod from Trouser Press (“Quirky fun from upstate NY”) and, five years later, ended up as part of a novelty ping-pong game called Bobbie-Ball, available at Village Green and Archimage. Now, twenty years after Bobbie-Ball, it’s a collectible record. (I don’t know what happened to the ping-pong balls.)

The Degrads broke up in 1984, and by the end of that year no band members remained in the Rochester area. An Elwitt brother or two showed up later on in the Nutley Brass, the Silly Pillows, Sea Monkeys, (pre-Nada Surf NYC band) The Cost of Living, and other musical entities.

N.B. I have video, audio, and still images to share, but I’m not having any luck uploading them at the moment. For now, I offer you Degrads links on MySpace and YouTube.