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While I wasn’t a ‘regular-regular’ at Scorgies the way Simon Ribas, Jason Brown, or Andrea Kohler were, I sure did hit the club on opportune nights.  Besides the Ramones show, which blew me away, my best memories from my days at Scorgies were easily the nights that Cleveland’s I-Tal played down under Andrews Street.

I-Tal sounded and felt a lot more like a reggae band right off the boat from Kingston, or Montego Bay, rather than an indigenous band from the ‘Mistake by the Lake.’  I-Tal had a groovin’ guitar player, killer roots rock rythems, and reliable percussion.  Many a night I closed my eyes on the dance floor, and let their hypnotic music wash over me.

I recall one time I-Tal played Rochester, but not Scorgies.  I went to Bulls Head Plaza, to a basement club, and grooved all night.  Does anyone recall the name of that club?

Look forward to seeing some of the old crew on Friday, 11/21/08.  Thanks.

Chris Wilmot, Co-Publisher,