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I saw the Rochester music review in a recent issue of the City newspaper. It brought back many fond and painful memories and lessons of Rochester music legacy and lore. I was looking for somebody to fill me in on Luke Warm.

I remember him as a delightful character on the scene (during my original duration in it). I was in the Commercials and we played Scorgie’s, usually as an opening act, from 1982 until about 1984 or so. Obviously, I encountered Luke on every occasion. I gotta hand it to this guy. If he was in a band or had any musical ability – HE NEVER TALKED ABOUT IT IN FRONT OF ME – he never said “come check out my band” or anything of the sort. When I read the review on his musical efforts I was really shocked! Maybe I’m stupid, but I was NOT out of the loop in the old days at Scorgie’s…I was there almost every week for about two years straight. How did I miss him? Nobody spoke up, especially not Luke.

The really sad part is, not only was I denied a chance to hear him do his musical bit, but also the other guys in the bands I opened for (especially the members of the group Passenger), just sort of wrote him off as the club’s resident idiot/lush/foolish jester behind his back. So, being very young at the time, just wrote Luke off as a “happy drunk.” I scared him once by acting like he was interfering on my date with the young lady I  was with. The girl and I were there as “friends-only” (as she was probably under-age at the time), but I did kind of a “hey man, step off” gag, and he vanished in the crowd, tail between his legs.  Now, back then,  I could probably beat my way out of a paper bag…if it was wet. Anyway, a couple of the guys from the Clichés or something got a big laugh out of it.

So, I knew that he was very ill by the late 1980’s (when all us new wavers were hard up for gigs and had to settle on playing Schatzee’s) and I learned that he passed away several years ago when it happened. Tragic thing. It made me think real hard and thank God I’m still here. Thanks for bringing the info home to me.

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  1. Stan the Man’s avatar

    Luke was Luke to me… didn’t grow up here, so my main connection to Luke was though Scorgies & his deejay work. When he started to play out I was surprised. While I didn’t know him as well as many, I was one of the folks who went to visit him when he was in the hospital with pancreatitis. And I distinctly remember that went through a phase after that and supposedly got rid of his T-Rex albums.

    But after that we were on different paths. He started to tend bar at the Abyss right around the time I dropped out of the scene to start a family with Lynne, working mondo full time in education.

    Mark’s band, the Commercials, played alot in the latter days of Scorgies. They played at the Calabash. Danny used to book them all the time as an opening act, esp. the 10,000 Maniacs. I remember one gig when Rick was fighting with a girlfriend from the stage… always good theater! So, while I’m sure Luke might not remember Mark per se, I think he would have remembered the Commercials!

    And Rosa, you aren’t a garden variety beyotch… you’re Rosa!


  2. Rosa’s avatar

    No offense but who are you?? I’ve known Luke aka Andy my whole life. We grew up together through grammar and part of high school that Luke attended sporadically. We ice-skated together and played capture the flag at Carter Park. If you mentioned my name to Luke he would reply”man oh man I ain’t playing” and stomp his foot in which I would wear Chuck Nelson’s. His best friend was Ricky Vielie also an old friend of mine. I was a bitch back then too. I appreciate you memories but did you know him? I could recall a slew of memories dating back to 1968, I knew his family he lived in my neighborhood. I’m glad you acknowledged his awsome presence. But my question is if we mentioned your name would Luke respond?


  3. Mark James Meli’s avatar

    Luke would remember me from the Commercials, but probably not by name. We opened for everybody between 1982-1984. I take no offense to the “who are you.” I wasn’t one of those “hi there, check me out” type of musicians…I’m still not.

    As for Stan’s response…I cannot remember who “Danny” was. I do remember that the girlfriend incident and the 10,000 Maniacs opener were the same show. Great huh? There could’ve been Elektra/WEA people in the audience and our lead singer is drunk, leaving the stage to go fight with his girlfriend. Knowing what I know now, I should have quit the band the following week.



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