Closing Time….

The last poster was kind enough to post a couple pics.  In the post, it was mentioned that they weren’t sure when Scorgies closed.  For the record, it was July 9th, 1994.  Technically it was about 4:30AM July 10th.

I Was, sadly, the last person to exit the place and lock the doors for the last time.  I was the last Manager of the vaunted Rochester social landmark known as Scorgies.  Don walked out ahead of me, and I turned the key for the very last time.  It was an extremely sad day for me, and this is really tough.  I don’t really feel like getting in to it right now, but sometime soon when I am in better spirits, and have more time…I’ll return and post some thoughts and stories.

I was deeply saddened, when on November 21st at a dinner for my current job… that old Rochester bars came up.  It started with a Wayne County fellow mentioning the old Dolphin out in Sodus Point.  When I mentioned the good-old days of Scorgies, I was told of the big article in the paper and the upcoming reunion.  That was Friday Nov. 21st at 9pm.  That weekend I went online, and much to my chagrin…I found this site.

This pained me beyond words.  My wife and some close friends witnessed me moping for days.  You see, every 6 months for the past decade, I do a Google search for “Scorgies”.  And you rarely find anything of substance related to our old haunt.  I do it b/c there is one period of my life I reallllly wish I had more connection to.  More old pics, old memoribilia, etc.  For some reason, I collected little, and took even fewer pics.  A lesson I learned that following year in 95.  And from 95 on, I am a total picture nut.  You usually won’t find me far away from at the very least, a disposable camera or my cell camera.

Anyways, somehow, in between the last time I had searched, and the weekend of NOV 21st….ALL OF THIS HAPPENED!!!  And it pains me tremendously, that I missed this reunion.  Was Tommy there?  Did Don and Eileen attend?  Did Shaff or Big Pat come out of the woodwork?  How bout Charlie?  Last I heard, he was in Atlanta.  UGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!

Anyway, I’ll be back.  Just typing this much has made me terribly melancholy.  I miss Luke like you wouldn’t believe, it was hard seeing his pic and reading your rememberances.  I’ll share a bunch of Luke memories, some Don stories, etc…at a later date.

How bout the infamous Elvis Costello story?!?!  Has that made it’s way on to the site anywhere?  How about a copy of the famous Rolling Stone Article, from what, 1983?  As part of my Google searches over the years I have attempted on multiple occasions to contact Rolling Stone to find the article, with no response.  Hell, I’ve even contacted Freetime about 3 times in the hopes of getting copies of Old Scorgies ads…and no one ever gets back to me.

Anyway, please comment, and I will return!


  1. toshtogo’s avatar

    wayne county sucks for internet reception…you need one of those rotor antennas to pick up rochester


  2. Jlaben’s avatar

    Keep checking out the different articles on this website. There are plenty of stories from band members, customers…ex-employees (I put in 8 years on/off bartending at Scorgies myself) etc….

    There is also a page (or 4) of posters and ads from Freetime – I passed along probably 20 old Freetime issues to Stan and he was kind enough to post a bunch of the old ads- and we also posted at least two different Scorgies articles from the Democrat & Chronicle.

    Just in the last week, I have finally scanned pictures taken from the last day/night that Scorgies was open and will forward them to Stan to add to this site. Included among the dignitaries in attendance that last night were Don and Eileen, of course…Two Vicki’s, Shawne, Debbie, Judy, the legendary “Ike”, Rick B., Paul L. and other “Fat Pack” members…and of course, myself.

    There are also many pictures on the web- including this site- with pics of who was in attendance at the Reunion show. Don and Eileen were most certainly in attendance, as were around 500+ of our “closest friends” from Scorgies.

    Amazingly, I’m fairly certain that I still have MY key to the place. Just have to find it in case it’s worth something to a collector.


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    In honor of Ox and myself among countless others who could not make the November reunion, why not have another reunion in say, June or July, when the weather in Rochester is a bit more hospitable. This way, Craig and Ange could make it, the Schaefer clan be rounded up, I’d bet the attendance would DOUBLE that of the last reunion. Also, The Cliches could headline, as would only be proper.
    It could also double as a San Jose Sharks Stanley Cup celebration. What say folks???????? (Penguins in the heart, Sharks in reality. Frig those Beantown Bruins)
    Dont fret Ox, I missed it too.


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    I came to Rochester from a small town in the square states to find a Cavern Club and rock the way it was meant to be experienced. Scorgies was the place for hook-laden pop and rock ‘n roll allegro. Peggi’s dreamy soprano solos still ring in my head. John Cale, The Fleshtones, and Joe King Carrasco, to mention but a few, are now indelible memories.
    Around the same time (early 80’s) some friends took me to that club out by the lake that featured metal and hair bands. Many seemed to lack melody or harmony – all power chords with no where to go.
    The bands at Scorgies were paying their dues, but more importantly, they were paying tribute to their rock and roll forefathers. Giving props is important because it is the foundation of an enduring legacy. As so many of us here today will attest, we were part of a new wave that brought us back to our primal spirit and closer to a spiritual truth…joel crigler



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