Where Have All the Good Times Gone…

I was up there for a holiday visit & went by Scorgies to take a photo for posterity.  I don’t know how long it’s been since it closed for the last time, but the 2nd floor windows are broken out.  I shot a couple of panoramic photos & decided to post them as a bookend to the reunion show.  Sort of a reality check.  I’m sure everyone will recall that the further door on the left was the original entrance to the upstairs bar, and the nearer door on the right led to the restaurant side as well as the stairs down to the live room.  Those who were in bands will also recognize the alleyway side entrance where they would load in. 

panoramic view of Scorgies, December 2008

Panoramic views of Scorgies, December 2008 (click to view full size)

  1. joe hendrick’s avatar

    Hey, you know their isn’t any sports bar within 500 feet of that building. That’s it, Scorgies Sports Bar!! Lots and lots of t.v.’s !!!!


  2. DJ Thurmie Thurm’s avatar

    Time to move on fellas….
    My great grandfather was sad when vaudeville ended…but he got over it quicker than the people on this site.


  3. Jlaben’s avatar

    Wait…Vaudeville ended?



  4. Rich’s avatar

    Such a plain, pedestrian building. No one would ever believe this was the place that ruled the Rochester night, long ago. NIce pictures, thanks for posting them.
    I miss Rochester. 🙁


  5. C Laben’s avatar

    Are u serious? I think its like 18 degrees today back there. What’s it in Florida Rich, like 75 degrees? The old Scorgies days were fun, but I do not miss Rochester one bit…


  6. Rich’s avatar

    Actually, it was closer to 81 today. Where is my Cliches sticker? It sure ain’t in my mailbox. Heh heh heh.


  7. Jlaben’s avatar

    I mailed it out to you at LEAST two weeks ago…To the mailing address you sent me. I’m not kidding.

    I was wondering why I never received a “Thank You” card.


  8. Rosa’s avatar

    All I want ot know is where is George?


  9. Rosa’s avatar

    Where is George?


  10. DJ Thurmie Thurm’s avatar

    Wow…. You guys went from being on the forefront of Rochester’s Punk Movement to Discussing the weather on a website. And I’m the bad guy here???
    I guess it is better to burn out than fade away.


  11. DJ Thurmie Thurm’s avatar

    BTW Happy New Year everyone…
    This year I plan to lead the Federal League in PM.


  12. Rich’s avatar

    The Federal League? Sounds like you are a hockey player. Leading a league in penalty minutes is much more fun than leading it in goals or assists! Go DJ Thurmie Thurm, drop those gloves!! Go Penguins and
    Happy New Year also.


  13. Rich’s avatar

    Just ask those Laben goons. They were the Hanson Brothers of the WHLA. Both 1-2 in penalty minutes, cheap shots, misconduct penalties, fighting majors and just general boorishness. CLaben even refused to pay fines levied by the league president. Both shining examples of what is important in lacrosse or hockey.


  14. DJ Thurmie Thurm’s avatar

    I noticed a lot of the people here have moved over to facebook. Not to worry.
    I have a feeling that they will grow older, have new priorities and eventually abandon it. Just like Scorgies!!!!


  15. C Laben’s avatar

    I put my ‘fine’ check in the mail like 32 years ago… You mean you never received it? And I think the Coyotes are going to be in the playoffs for the first time in a while – who knows about the Penguins… Although I did see Crosby got in a fight yesterday.


  16. DJ Thurmie Thurm’s avatar

    The NY Rangers will figure it out. Trust Me. All hail king Henrik!


  17. Rich’s avatar

    Penguins are reeling. They lose to Florida 6-1 and they are not scoring.
    I don’t know what is wrong. Should be an interesting game against the Rangers Monday night on Versus. Seems like the Bruins, Red Wings, Rangers are the class of the league this year. Despite their poor performance of late, Penguins can do no wrong in my book.


  18. Jlaben’s avatar

    Penguins looked ‘good’ again tonight…It’s time to fire a coach or something. They stink.

    Go Sharks.


  19. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    I drove by the Scorgies location a few weeks ago.
    Kinda sad to see that empty!
    You would think it would be a great location for something!
    I drove down the alley towards the warehouse.
    Many memories loading in and out of the back doors!



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