Scorgies Reopens in 1990

Comedy and the drinking age swooped in to finish off the Scorgies music scene in 1985. It came back after a 5 year hiatus. But things were never quite the same as the crowds moved to DJ-controlled dance floors. Remember the club where Dinosauer BBQ is now? Here’s the article that appeared when Scorgies reopened:

Don Scorgie 1990

Don Scorgie says he's returning to live music because "I just enjoy it."

Hip Scorgie’s is Back in the Live Music Scene

Anyone who cared about live rock’n’roll in the early ’80s cared about Scorgie’s, Rochester’s hippest, most daring venue for new music. Long before most listeners had tuned in to the Bangles, 10,000 Maniacs, the Go-Gos and the Ramones, those bands were storming the stage at Scorgie’s. And even though slam-dancing was only allowed once, the rowdy club at 150 Andrews St. is always remembered fondly as Rochester’s post-punk musical outpost…

Updated article by scribe Alan Morrell, click here to read

  1. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    So Personal Effects had a reunion gig back then too, eh? heh heh.


  2. Jlaben’s avatar

    I’m not sure if this is important stuff or not, but I have, in my possession, a ticket to Don Scorgie’s Stag party from August 1, 1982.

    IS IT WORTH ANYTHING??? $$$$$$


  3. Mike Rae’s avatar

    Before it closed for good (again) Half-Chicken played there, along with The Fun Factory, and another band; it was the summer of 1993, just weeks before I and the rest of my Barbecue mates in Half-Chicken decided to call it a day.



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