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Jim Malley (of Mercury Posters) is putting together a band flier show at the Record Archive, opening September 4th. While going though my archives, I found this New Math handout; it dates back to the release party for New Math’s “They Walk Among You” on March 12th, 1982.

I guess if the reunion had actually happened I would have had to cut the coupon out of the bottom half. If I had actually put this in my wallet, it would have disintegrated!

Coupon passed out at Record Release Party for "They Walk Among You"

Coupon passed out at Record Release Party

And Duane, you’ll have to confirm this bit of trivia… wasn’t the video for “They Walk Among You” shot on the Pittsford Sutherland High School stage using the set from “Bye Bye Birdie?”

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  1. ds’s avatar

    You are correct Stan. It was shot on Lincoln’s birthday during Feb recess using the scaffold set that had been installed on the stage for the springtime production of Bye Bye Birdie.

    Sutherlands generosity went beyond that. They also let me shoot the Uncle Sam video “CandyMan” in one of the Social Studies classrooms on Columbus Day, and they let me borrow a lot of projection equipment for the Personal Effects multi-media shows.

    That they weren’t always aware of just how generous they were being is really not important.


  2. Peggi’s avatar

    Clock faces were also donated for Duane to mix the oil and food coloring for the liquid light.



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