summer 82

the summer of ’82…MTV came to Rochester. We had never seen anything so cool. I came back from sophomore year at SUNY Fredonia to work at Kodak. This guy my sister, Beanie( a Scorgies regular) knew from St. John Fisher came and sat down at our table and announced we would be working together in Bldg 9. I remembered him from Halloween 81.  He had gone as some guy named rock and roll Joel and was totally rude. I hated him immediately. whatever…By June 18 we had shared our first kiss as he dropped me off after the Comateens show. We have been married for almost 20 years.

Anyhow-every night out started or ended at Scorgies that summer, and usually we never left. It was dark and woody. the other side never really got the same seasoning. It was too bright. I remember: George, Planet Claire, the Keith Richards guy, Luke Warm, Jimmy Jazz, doing the Riverview dance onstage with the Cliches, dancing to Radio Clash with Andi, Beanie and Affee downstairs, innumerable bathroom trips in various stages of intoxication, Angelo pouring beer on himself, Rudy Valentino using a drumstick on his guitar during a solo with the Majestics (that was later), Joe “king” Carrasco, the Press Tones. I remember being smushed in front of that tiny stage during a New Math show and thinking this is it, man. I didn’t think life could get any better. We were the coolest.

Aug 8 that summer Kelly Grant got killed by losing control of her car and hitting a tree on 490. We drove past the accident on our way home. I knew somebody had died. I found out the next day it was her. She had looked so pretty that night, standing in the amber light. she had on a striped blouse and knickers. People were waiting for her at her house for the “after Party”. It was a horrible week as we staggered through her wake and funeral. I still look for the tree every single time I drive 490. There is a cross there now. My daughter is named Kelly and she is 17.

  1. DJ Thurmie Thurm’s avatar

    Wasn’t Beth that really cool girl who found the lord…stopped drinking…and got really lame. And her husband! Don’t get me started!!!!!!


  2. Jlaben’s avatar

    Very cool memories, Beth. That guy you kissed on June 18 of 1982 WAS extremely rude, wasn’t he?

    The Rock n’ Roll Joel Halloween costume he wore was hilarious, though.

    Almost as cool as the Rowdy Roddy Piper one.


  3. girlontheleft’s avatar

    I know I have a Comateens 45 somewhere….in my parents’ basement? Yup, you are right. Scorgies was as much about the people as it was about the bands. And thank god for the upstairs because some of those bands sucked! (Beanie and I got our money back from poor Earl when the Meat Puppets played!) Some nights there was much better entertainment going on upstairs!


  4. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    I would guess the Meat Puppets may have been worse that night because the Projectiles got the drummer stoned! After we did he announced that it was good that he smoked because he was trippin on mushrooms!

    I forgot about Earl!


  5. Jlaben’s avatar

    I was at that show, too. I think I did a kegstand.


  6. DJ Thurmie Thurm’s avatar

    It was also that summer…
    I was sitting at the bar with Nick S. He told me he was going to “live a lie” and marry Beth D. Then he sort of “skipped” out the door and down Andrews St.


  7. Stan the Man’s avatar

    Cousin Brian? he’s everyone’s favorite relative.


  8. Stan the Man’s avatar

    That’s like hypnotizing chickens! Give us a call; we can discuss this issue over a cup of Constant Comment Tea…



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