Dale Mincey (former guitarist of New Math) says, “This whole “Scorgiemania” phenomenon drove me to my basement to dig for forgotten memories.”

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  1. Peggi’s avatar

    I think the NM shot was a hand colorized photo by Corrine (Kevin’s wife).


  2. Stan the Man’s avatar

    GREAT goatee Martin! You rock it well… BRING IT BACK!


  3. ds’s avatar


    Actually, I shot that 2nd photo from Dale – the B&W one, and hand colored it too. I remember the show – it was in the basement of the Manhattan Community Center, downtown. I think it may have been the first real show for New Math, outside of the rehearsal room at the Cox Bldg. Certainly one of the 1st 3 shows.

    I wasn’t doing lights or sound for them yet, which is how I could walk around & take photos.

    Kevin got that T Shirt in London & didnt even tell anyone in the band he had it. He wore a hooded sweat-jacket over it & took it off during the show, surprising audience & band alike.


  4. ds’s avatar

    And now that I think about it further, it may also be in a basement at RIT. I think the Community Center has a low stage, this looks like its on the floor.

    But still one of the 1st handful of shows.


  5. Robert S.’s avatar

    DS is correct in his second comment on the New Math gig picture – it was the basement of R.I.T. it was a “mixer” for both R.I.T. students and students from Nazareth College. This was the very first New Math live gig, sponsored by a great DJ from WCMF – Suzanne King.


  6. Jlaben’s avatar

    I still own the “If it ain’t STIFF, it ain’t worth a fuck” badge…

    Now for sale, to the highest bidder.


  7. Martin Edic’s avatar

    i have no recollection of that weird goatee but there is ‘the plank’ bass in all its hippy glory.


  8. Stan the Man’s avatar

    Martin, you look so hip in that pic! The look is timeless, kinda channeling Primus meets Phish…



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