New Math Now

“Gary, Chris and I (Roy) are really excited about the prospect of playing the “old songs” again and are psyched about the show, seeing everybody and hearing some great music. We thought it would be a blast to redo an old New Math song with the benefit of what today‘s technology can provide in terms of the ease and quality of recording so in typical D.I.Y. Scorgies fashion we re-recorded “Garden of Delight” with the singer/guitarist who will be joining us at the reunion show. The first New Math song in 25 years…..yipes. The tune with the full back story of how it came together is available to download for free at:

It looks as though Mark will also be joining us on keys at the reunion show giving us 4/5ths of the final and longest lasting incarnation of the group………now if only we could talk Kevin into joining us………….”

  1. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    Great to hear Mark is on board!!!



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