Send Us Your Promo Shots

Here’s a few bands that played Scorgies. If your band played Scorgies and you have a promo shot from those days, send it along. We’ll post it here.

Projectiles promo photo

Eric Nelson sent this photo of the Targets. That’s Robert Slide on the left, former bass player with New Math, Sue Mattraw, Tim Roberts who also played drums with 2nd Division and Trisha Knight on the right.

The Rumbles featured Lanay DePalma on guitar, Jim Huie on drums and Dee Wearne on bass and vocals.

Bahama Mama

Tom Kohn found this Bahama Mama promo photo in his archives. After Jim Kraut left, the surviving members went on to form the Majestics.

The Chesterfield Kings – Andy Babiuk (bass), Doug Meech (drums, RIP), Greg Prevost (vocals), Orest Gurin (keyboards) and Rick Kona (guitar).

  1. STan the Man’s avatar

    The ? is Dee Wearne; on a PE related note, Dee used to rent a room from Shawn Irons.


  2. Peggi’s avatar

    Thanks Stan. I now remember that Dee went on to play with Tim McGrain in Three Boxes.


  3. Robert (Slide)’s avatar

    The Targets picture has Trisha Knight (far right) as vocalist after Michele Ford left.


  4. Jlaben’s avatar

    Tim Roberts was one of the first drummers for The Cliches but it didn’t work out…Probably because we were practicing, at the time, in a basement in Chili and that was a haul for Tim and his drums from the other side of the county.

    We smartened up after a while and took over the basement at the old WCMF studios on Leighton Avenue as our practice studio for a couple of years.

    Obviously, we never spent too much time there.


  5. Sue Metro’s avatar

    Timmy – where are you?


  6. ericnelson’s avatar

    Thanks for clearing up my foggy memory or who was my own shot!



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