Rain Parade Reunited in Atlanta to Benefit Bobby Sutliff

It’s been almost thirty years since the Rain Parade played Scorgies. That was an incredible night, of course. Absolute Grey was the opener, and Mark Theobald was behind the mixing board. The band at the gig featured Matt Piucci, Steven Roback, John Thoman, Will Glenn & Eddie Kalwa. Years later, Lynne and I seized the opportunity to catch up with Matt, Steven & John at their reunion gig in Atlanta at the Earl on January 19th, 2103.  They were reuniting that night as part of a fund raiser for Bobby Sutliff (of Windbreakers fame) who had been in a horrible car accident in June of 2012.

We shared some Scorgies & Rochester memories. John had his guitar repaired at the House of Guitars and Steven bought a prized Fender Jazz Bass there. While we were the only Rochesterians in attendance, there were a ton of folks at the show who knew  & dug the Scorgies vibe. Tim Lee, Bobby’s bandmate from the Windbreakers day, was on the bill with his wife Susan Bauer Lee as the Tim Lee 3. Tim also was the main driver (with the assistance of Portland’s favorite Flour City ex-pat Jim Huie) behind the “Skrang: Sounds Like Bobby Sutliff” CD.  Bobby of course guested with the TL3 and the Rain Parade, with one of the highlights being a rousing rendition of Television’s “Glory.” If you’re interested, the CD can be purchased here and features guest performances by a host of Paisley Pop luminaries.

So sum it all up, let me quote from Mr. Verlaine himself who once sang “when I see the glory/I ain’t got a worry.” Yep, we saw the glory…

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