Give It Up For The Man

There is one undeniable fact. Don Scorgie had enough instinct, guts and taste to provide a platform for all of this. The whole thing would not have happened in Rochester without him. I want to thank him.

I did a series of paintings called “Local Icons” in 1988 and included him but I want to thank him here for some of the best times of my life.


  1. Stan the Man’s avatar

    As I sat in the studio @ WITR thinking about what I would talk about on Whole Lotta Shakin’, Russ Lunn texted me to remind things he thought I should say. And then I remembered. I forget the question Mike asked, but the answer was “I met the love of my life at Scorgies.” Which is 100% true. I met Lynne at a Bowery Boys gig on May 31st, 1984. Got the tape to prove it. Pete Presstone joined in: “That’s right, I met Karen there too…”

    Scorgies was the platform for a lot of things in our lives… just ask my kids!


  2. ned’s avatar

    Important not to forget that, Paul. The man made it possible. Thanks, Don!



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