How to get your songs played first on the juke box

We discovered how to game the jukebox at Scorgies so you could hear your selection first even if other quarters were in before you. Since practically everything on there was good it was just a matter of taste. We figured out that the machine played all the A sides from left to right then reversed and played all the B sides from right to left. So you just looked at what was playing and chose songs you wanted to hear that were next in that order.

Don’t ask me why this was important or how compulsive you had to be to figure this out!

  1. Gretchen Cohen’s avatar

    I feel a little out of place weighing in here (I wasn’t in a band, I wasn’t a DJ, I was just a regular and a fan), but that won’t stop me…I guess when you get older you just don’t care as much.

    I first went to Scorgies with my friend, Del Pedro (front man for Delroy Rebop), sometime in late 1981. The following summer, I spent one part or another of every evening there…usually at the bar upstairs…enjoying the jukebox. When Scott wasn’t bumping the selections he didn’t like. The main one that comes to mind was Bowie’s Cat People anthem, Putting Out Fire… In hindsight, I don’t really blame him. Loved the jukebox. Loved it!

    Other passing thoughts…ended up marrying another Scorgies regular, Jay Cohen (though I actually met him at Jim’s…another fine institution).


  2. Stan the Man’s avatar

    Hey Gretchen! Chime in, we need all the help we can get! I am esp. interested in hearing from Scorgies Couples. I met Lynne there on May 31st 1984. How do I remember the date so well? She taped the Bowery Boys that night. Still have the tape! I’m archiving it and will post some cuts either here or on “Do You Remember Scorgies” ( I also encourage others to join us on Join up and look for the Scorgies Reunion 2008 group.


  3. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    I can only remember 3 songs on the jukebox.
    The Fleshtones – Girl from Baltimore
    Monkees – Daydream believer
    Joe Jackson – Stepping Out

    After hearing that Fleshtones I became a fan!
    Just saw them a week ago!

    I only remember the Joe Jackson because 1 night it came on at this hot (Pittsford ?) girl said lets dance on the table!
    Hummm Hot chick sez dance on the table – I’m there!!!
    It ended up with John (Crawlis ?) yelling at us to get off the table ( just jealous I think!!!)

    I think the Insiders 45 may have been added in 1983-84


  4. Martin Edic’s avatar

    Joe Jackson played at Red Creek back then and was great. We should try and assemble a list of the singles on that jukebox. Unfortunately I am old and forgetful…


  5. Jason L. Brown’s avatar

    There was a 4-chorder by the Neighborhoods on the juke called “Prettiest Girl” – very catchy. I still get it stuck in my head at times. Not at all easy to find now, either.


  6. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    I remember “Spanish Eyes,” which was a B side from U2. I remember “Woolly Bully” on there, and how some of the Mercy girls would go nuts and dance to that song.


  7. Stan the Man’s avatar

    Danny dropped the singles off at the Bop Shop a few weeks ago; we’ll compile a list and see what needs to be ripped to MP3. We’ll have a “virtual” jukebox at the reunion show.


  8. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    I also remember “Whip It” by Devo. Used to drive Kathy the bartender crazy.


  9. Gretchen’s avatar

    Marvin Gaye’s Heard It Through the Grapevine. 96 Tears. My Gal Is Red Hot. Get Up Stand Up? Should I Stay Or Should I Go? These come to mind.


  10. Jlaben’s avatar

    I ended up with some of the 45’s from the Scorgies jukebox, too. Unfortunately, those singles are probably now for sale in the back room at Record Archive on Mt. Hope Ave.

    I do remember “I’m Shakin'” by The Blasters getting played over and over again, along with The Fleshtones “Girl From Baltimore” b/w “Cold Cold Shoes.

    It’s amazing the stuff that sticks in the back of ones mind.


  11. Jill LaPergola’s avatar

    Hole in the Wall, Billy Idol and Cyndi Lauper.



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