Blaster Had A Blast

blaster aging gracefully – click photo for context

We made a list of our gigs as Personal Effects by referencing the dates on the stack of old posters and cassette tapes. Hard to believe we played Scorgies over seventy times and counting. I wish we’d had a blog back then to keep track of it all.

The sound system there was one of the best of any club we played and the room sounded great. We had this General Electric blaster that we used to duct tape up to the top of the wooden column in front of the bar at Scorgies and it made some damn good tapes. Arpad transferred a few of the tapes to cd.

This thing was heavy, mostly steel, and it had separate tweeters and a solid bass output. It didn’t need any “Stereo Enhancer” setting. There were two mics in the upper corners of the front face and on top there were two good sized VU meters with separate knobs for input levels. I remember dropping it out of my bike basket and it is featured in a boat up in the 1000 Islands in Duane Sherwood’s video for “Nothing Lasts Forever“. We took it everywhere and eventually ran it into the ground.

Here is a version of Taana Gardner’s “Heartbeat” recorded live at the Peppermint Lounge on our blaster.


  1. girlontheleft’s avatar

    ohmygod Arpad! The Yugoslavian! Arpad and the Yugos! Is that the same Arpad?


  2. bearjg’s avatar

    Paul, I was a voluntary second assistant at a PE gig in 82 or 83. I was supposed to turn the tape or something, but I screwed it up. Later, when we listened to the playback and the missing segment became apparent, you didn’t say a word about it. Thank you for the opportunity to hang out with the band and be a part of our shared rock and roll fantasy. Joel Crigler, Sunrise Beach, MO



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